Parkside Studios

495 North Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale

Parkside Studios is a new affordable housing building comprised of 59 ZETA modular units in Sunnyvale. It is one of the first affordable housing projects utilizing modular construction in Northern California. The first floor level consists of a covered garage as well as office, storage, laundry, lobby, and community spaces. The second and third floors consist of pre-fabricated unit modules with finishes and MEPS trims all in place prior to arrival at the job site. Two units within this building are designed for audiovisual and hearing-impaired, one unit is an ADA unit, and the remaining units are ADA adaptable. The exterior fa├žade consists of a plaster finish as well as lap siding, and there are two courtyard areas featured both on the second floor deck terrace as well as a ground floor courtyard. GreenPoint Target rating of 226.

Green Building: 
GreenPoint Rated
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