Management Team

At the heart of Cahill's mission to be a trusted partner to our clients is a conscientious commitment of continuous personal involvement by experienced senior managers in every Cahill project. Cahill's management team members posess a wealth of industry experience and exemplify Cahill's values of integrity and collaboration. 

Jay Cahill, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Cahill Contractors, Inc.
Kathryn Cahill, Chief Executive Officer, Cahill Contractors LLC
Chuck Palley, Vice Chair
Blair Allison, President
Mina Barzanian, Controller
Arash Baradaran, Project Executive
Howard Carlson, Field Operations Manager
Guy Estes, Vice President
Michael A. Grant, Chief Financial Officer
Matt Irwin, Project Executive
Nate Kaufman, Project Executive
Leadron Koo, Project Executive
Rob Rich, Safety/HR/Legal Executive
Mark Zaleski, Vice President
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