Steve Wellman Jr.

General Superintendent

Following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps, Steve joined Cahill in 1993 as a carpenter. Nearly 30 years later, he is now


Mina Barzanian


With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Mina manages day-to-day operations within Cahill’s accounting department, oversees the accounting team,


Michael A. Grant

Chief Financial Officer

As Cahill’s Chief Financial Officer, Mike is responsible for leading our accounting department and corporate finance operations. Mike also works with the


Howard Carlson

Field Operations Manager

Howard joined Cahill as a Carpenter in 1985 and served as an Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent for over 20 years before becoming

Michelle Jacobson

Preconstruction Executive

As Preconstruction Executive, Michelle serves as a lead partner to our clients through all stages of preconstruction. Michelle helps clients meet budget


Matt Dennig

Project Executive

As Project Executive, Matt leads major projects from preconstruction through construction, while also leading Cahill’s warranty and small projects teams. Matt has


Mark Zaleski

Vice President

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Mark manages preconstruction and estimating for projects from early conceptual stages to


Leadron Koo

Vice President

Leadron has over twenty years of experience in the construction industry. Since joining Cahill as an Intern in 1997, Leadron has extensively


Nate Kaufman

Vice President

Nate provides executive leadership of projects from business development through preconstruction and construction.  Additionally, Nate leads Cahill’s Oakland office and oversees Cahill’s


Matt Irwin

Vice President

Matt provides executive leadership  to Cahill projects across all sectors while also leading Cahill’s self-perform efforts in concrete and wood framing. Matt