Safety Above All Else

With over a century of building experience and a number of multi-generational employees, safety is deeply ingrained in Cahill’s culture. People are our most important asset. Your safety is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

Our projects take more than one person to make them successful. Safety, too, takes a team effort. As a VPP contractor we will exceed the requirements of the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards on all our job sites.

Working together we will continue to improve our safety performance and productivity. Safety and productivity go hand in hand. Without safety, we cannot produce the quality product expected by our clients.

Safety is a critical skill. As with our other skills, through dedication and diligence we will continue to improve. Please be on the lookout for and point out safety issues.

Simply put, safety is an essential part of everything we do.

Cal/OSHA Voluntary Protection Program

As a worker safety and health leader, Cahill is proud to be honored by Cal/OSHA with VPP-Construction recognition. VPP is reserved for an elite group of contractors who have demonstrated highly effective safety programs through a partnership with labor, management, and Cal/OSHA.  

 For a project to qualify for VPP certification, demonstration of exemplary achievement in the areas of:  

  • Management Leadership & Employee Involvement  
  • Worksite Analysis 
  • Hazard Prevention and Control 
  • Safety & Health Training

VPP recognition demonstrates that, with over a century of building experience and several multi-generational employees, Cahill has safety deeply ingrained in our culture.  


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Our Commitment to Safety

Cahill embraces environmental, health and safety objectives as one of our core business values. The fundamental
belief is that all personnel working for Cahill shall be provided a safe and healthful place of employment and go home safely at the end of the day. Equally important to all our operations is that we care for and protect, to the fullest extent possible, the environment, and the communities in which we operate and support.

In order for Cahill to achieve this, we shall endeavor to provide for employee livelihood, and client needs the
application of a management systems that protects the environment, safeguards employee’s health, and eliminates
injuries to people.

These goals can best be achieved by:

  • We demonstrate a proactive leadership in all of our business operations by providing the
    resources necessary to manage and communicate our EHS commitment, expectations, and accountability in the same manner as any other critical business functions.
  • We promote a positive “Safety Culture” lifestyle both on and off the job through educating the workforce on safe work behaviors.
  • We develop systems and procedures will be established in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and ordinances.
  • We implement a standardized approach to hazard identification and follow through with elimination and control of identified hazards.
  • We ensure open lines of communication to employees, subcontractors, and visitors to our work sites regarding workplace health and safety arrangements.
  • We promote a processes that facilitates continual improvement in all our operations.

If there was one word was to describe our overall attitude toward Environmental, Health and Safety – it’s a
Commitment. This commitment is driven by the Executive Management Team and extends to all our employees,
project workforce as well as the companies with which we partner. It is understood by all personnel that the
responsibility and accountability for health and safety rests with each and every individual.

Performing work safely and responsibly is at the center of our management systems, that integrates integrity,
expertise, attention to detail and diligence of our employees and contractors for the concern of the health and safety
of our workforce.

Through these effective, collaborative efforts our operations will be uniquely positioned for embracement of an
integrated systems management approach and the mechanism for a reduction in incidents. With implementation and proficiency to learning and improvement, project teams are provided tools, training and ongoing support for the
incident free safety culture.

Cahill has also adopted the approach continuously improving our process of management methods and systems by:

• Proactively identifying potential risks or hazards to eliminate, or if not possible, mitigate the risk to as low
as reasonably attainable.
• Implement the systems, strategies, resources, and structures necessary to not only meet EHS goals but
operational needs.

Safety is not simply a requirement — it’s a passion.